Friday, September 16, 2011

Eligible couples, Target couples and couple protection rate

Eligible couples: a couple of things right now a married couple where the woman of childbearing age are generally believed to be aged 15-45 years. At least 150-180 pairs in 1000, the population of India. These pairs are in need of family planning. About 20 percent of eligible couples can be found in the 15-24 age group. On average, 2.5 million couples will increase the population every year. The right to register the pair is the basic document for the organization of family planning.
Target pairs: pairs of long-term goal is used to 2-3 children, living and family planning is largely focused on those pairs. Determination of the duo gradually extended to families with children to develop, or even only married couples to accept the idea of ​​family planning as early as possible.
Protection pair: A pair of (PPC) is an indicator of the spread of contraception in the Community. This, as a percentage of eligible couples effectively protected against childbirth is defined by one or other approved methods of family planning, sterilization, or spiral, condoms and birth control pills. Sterilization accounts for more than 60 percent of couples effectively protected. Efforts to improve availability and access to contraceptive care in India in the seventies and early eighties led to a sharp rise in prices for some protection. However, there was no corresponding decrease in fertility. The service reports on CPR and SRS CBR estimates, it was a continuous decline in the century, the Central Bank, although the growth of China in the nineties, has been very slow. This may be a sign of decline was thateither coverage of contraceptives, adoption, or improved quality of services and appropriate contraceptive methods offered at the right time. In 2004-05, the total family planning acceptors of different methods was as follows.
Sterilization 4920000
Vasectomy 0130000
Salpingectomy 4790000
Navy 6250000
Condom users 18280000
Oral pill users 7700000
But 55 percent of eligible couples are still vulnerable to the perception. March 31, 2000 approximately 79 million couples (46%) the right of couples of childbearing age 15-44 years were effectively protected against conception by one or other family planning methods. ..

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